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Nowadays Java programming language is used in all areas of software development - server applications, desktop applications, tools, web applications - all developed using Java and related technologies.

The Java Quiz will be useful to many, including people who do not have much experience with Java and want to get a minimal understanding of the basic concepts of the popular programming language. Also, this quiz may be useful for students of the Java, to consolidate the knowledge gained in the institutes of higher education or as a result of independent work.

The quiz includes a various Java interview questions that you may be asked during your interview for Java Developer position.

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Try C++ Demo Quiz

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C ++ are considered to be a fundamental programming language. The syntax of C ++ language is now used in most modern programming languages and greatly simplify the task of learning a new language.

C++ quiz has various levels questions. There are interesting questions for people who just started to learn C++ and also there are challenging questions for experts with experience using C++ programming language.

The C++ quiz was designed to be useful for people who are trying to get their C++ Developer job.

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Try C# Demo Quiz

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The language C# - a modern object-oriented programming language. Microsoft developed it as one of the languages ​​of .NET platform (.NET framework). C# language nowadays is very well developed and continues to grow.

C# quiz focuses on practical and theoretical issues relating to the programming C# language. The quiz will be interesting both for beginners and experienced programmers.

Get your C# skills to a new level with C-sharp interview questions and get your dream job!

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Try JavaScript Demo Quiz

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JavaScript - a very popular language for the web development. Language JavaScript is a dynamically typed language and based on prototyping. Despite the name, it is not related to the Java language, although it uses a C-like syntax, similar naming convention.

The JavaScript Quiz recommended for developers wishing to test their knowledge in JavaScript field or prepare for a web-developer interview. Also, the JS quiz can be used to consolidate the developers' knowledge, directly after learning the JavaScript language.

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Try HTML/CSS Demo Quiz

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Language HTML is the leading language for creating web pages. HTML provides an easy to learn tool for describing hypertext data structures.

In conjunction with CSS and JavaScript, HTML allows you to create rich web applications. Knowledge of HTML&CSS is necessary for every web developer, as it is an important tool for creating high-quality resources on the WEB.

Html/CSS quiz will be useful both for young and experienced developers that are interested in Web development or trying to get a Web developer job. Tricky Html/CSS interview questions will let you take your knowledge to the new level.

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Try PHP Demo Quiz

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In web development, PHP - one of the most popular scripting languages currently used by hundreds of thousands of Web developers.

The PHP Quiz verifies knowledge of web programmers PHP5 scripting language and programming principles on it. It will be useful for experienced programmers and those who are wishing to get acquainted with innovations and organize their knowledge in PHP5.

The real PHP interview questions from our quiz will help you prepare yourself for programming interview and to get a PHP developer job.

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Try SQL Demo Quiz

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SQL (Structured Query Language) - a special language, which is designed to manipulate data in relational databases.

Questions of the SQL quiz are not tied to a particular database, therefore, the quiz will be useful to any programmer regardless of their preferred programming language or database server. The quiz mainly consists of practical SQL tasks and will be interesting to those, who work with databases.

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Try Scala Demo Quiz

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Scala is a general-purpose programming language providing support for functional programming and a strong static type system.

The real Scala interview questions from our quiz will help you prepare yourself for programming interview and to get a Scala developer job.

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